Everything sorted and paid for, in one place.

Sorted organises your household services in one easy-to-use app, and makes sure you're always on the right deal.

Smart. Simple. Sorted.

We organise your household bills in one easy-to-use app. And we make sure you are always on the right deal.

Smart. Simple. Sorted.

Sorted is services made simple.


Got bills?
Get Sorted.

Sorted lets you manage all your services, like electricity and broadband. You can also track and pay your bills, and see your options about switching plans.


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Are you on the right deal?

From electricity to solar to broadband, we’ll run a check-up on your home to get the best deal that’s right for you. With Sorted you get the facts without the spin.

Everything in the one place.

Get your electricity, broadband, rent and more all sorted. With Sorted you can bundle all your services in minutes. We’ve made it easy to manage everything, including payments, in one place.


No clutter, just clarity.


Be rewarded!

As a loyal customer, you get dollars in your Sorted Wallet, which can be used to pay your bills!  More friend referrals and more services connected = More dollars.


Need support?
We’ll sort it out..

Real humans, here in Australia, ready to chat.

From setting you up to making sure you get the most value, our friendly crew is here to help. Accounts, payments, troubleshooting – let’s get you sorted.