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How do I refer a friend or family member?

When you refer friends and family to Sorted, you’ll receive a bonus in your Wallet once their first service is active. This credit can be then be used to pay your bills!  More friend referrals and more services connected = More dollars.

  1. Open the Sorted App
  2. Tap the Wallet icon
  3. Tap Sort-A-Friend 
  4. Enter their email addresses and hit send

Refer as many people as you like and watch your Wallet grow!

WalletZef Fugaz
When does money get added to my Wallet?

If you use a promo code when you join Sorted the credit appears in your Wallet right away and can be put towards your first bill. Sort-A-Friend bonuses are applied when your friends service becomes active. You also have money added to your Wallet when your usage is less than what was forecast and there is money left over from the payments you have been making.

WalletZef Fugaz
How does Wallet work?

The more services you bundle with Sorted the more you will be rewarded. You can also earn more dollars in your Sorted Wallet by referring friends.

WalletZef Fugaz
What is the Sorted Wallet?

The Sorted Wallet is how and where we look after you and your back pocket for being a Sorted customer and for spreading the word to your friends. You build up credits (real dollars!) in your Sorted Wallet.

WalletZef Fugaz