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Are there fees for paying by credit card?

There is a one percent surcharge for all payments made by credit card. This is a cost charged by providers to Sorted. Our goal is to minimise fees for our customers so we do offer direct debit as a free option for payments set up via a registered bank account.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes. You can change your payment date as a once-off (per payment cycle) up to seven days from the current due date. You can also change your ongoing payment date to one that is more convenient. Changes to payment dates must be made at least three business days prior to any scheduled payments. For one-off changes, ongoing payments into the future will resume as normal.

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When do I pay?

When you sign up to Sorted Services we default to a monthly payment cycle.

You can change your payment frequency and the date on the Sorted App by visiting the settings menu and then payments.

Here you can change the auto-payments from monthly to fortnightly (2-weekly) instalments, and tell us when you want the payments to come out. For monthly payments this will be on the same date every month. For fortnightly payments you choose the day and fortnight. We will not take any payments until the first month or fortnight after your service has transferred to Sorted Services.

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How do I pay?

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa or direct debit from your nominated bank account. You can change or add payment options at any time on the Sorted App.

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What if I get billed by my previous supplier?

If you have any outstanding bills or break fees, your previous supplier may bill you for these.

Once you switch over to Sorted, all your services get billed by us. 

Provided you're up to date with payments, if you have received new charges from your previous service provider, you will need to raise a dispute with them and we will help you along the way.