What can impact performance and speed?

Things that can slow your internet speed include demand on the network and local conditions such as location, internet traffic, your line condition, hardware and software, the data source or destination.

Below are some specific factors that can affect speeds and your broadband experience.


Your router needs to be configured to use the wireless network standard 802.11n or later and a WPA2/AES encryption to achieve the best results from the high speeds available to you. Wi-Fi within the premises and router performance can often be the slow point in a nbn™ connection.

Location of modem/router

Your speeds can be affected if the modem/wife router is too far away from your normal location of device use, or is behind several walls, rooms or in a cupboard. Physical features of your home, such as steel framing and size and multiple levels may affect the strength of your wireless router’s signal.

Number of users

The number of local users and devices being used at one time will create demand for available bandwidth which in turn can significantly affect the overall speed experience.

Other devices

Microwaves, cordless phones and other devices work on wireless bandwidths which can interfere with speeds and your user experience.


There are many applications and programs that access the Internet. These may be running in the background on your device performing various activities such as downloading updates and files and uploading information. These activities may cause you to lose some of your total speed.

Network links

External network factors such as physical location of host computer, global Internet link between Sorted and the destination and the backhaul network between your premises and Sorted. Congestion on domestic and international links can be present during peak times.

Viruses & Malware

Viruses, malware and browser add-ons may consume significant system resources and adversely impact Internet speed.

Peak Network Times

The evening hours are like peak hour for Internet traffic. Increased traffic on the network may result in reduced speeds during this time.

Your Neighbours

An unsecured network, with no password, can be used by anyone in the vicinity and significantly reduce your speed. Secure your network to ensure only authorised users are accessing your network.