Your rent. Sorted.


Sorted lets you manage your home services in one handy place. Enjoy access to all your tenancy documents and direct contact with your property manager. You can also opt-in to pay and track your rental payments* with Sorted.

New feature: Maintenance requests. Submit a maintenance request straight to your property manager via the Sorted. No more phone tag and emails back and fourth.

* Check with your landlord or property manager to see if opting-in for rent with Sorted is an option for your rental.


Keep your electricity, broadband and much more to come, all in one place, and all with great rates through Sorted. No more worrying about when bills are due!

Real estate experts

We are currently working with Australia’s leading real estate businesses to create smart, simple solutions to manage and pay for your rental property.

Property Managers

Sorted is the simple solution for managing your tenants’ rent payments while also giving them the tools and information they need to make their rental experience a breeze.