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How sorted works

What does Sorted Services do?

Sorted is services made simple. We provide multiple services tailored to suit your needs, with an intuitive App and expert in-home support that makes the entire experience effortless.

Why is Sorted Services different?

We work to ensure you are on a plan that is the right size for your household and that you get the the best value. Sorted also provide you with support in your home - all managed through our App or via your desktop.

Who is behind Sorted Services?

Sorted Services is a privately-owned company founded by passionate people, all with extensive backgrounds in household essential services. The passion for developing the Sorted proposition came about from frustration with the slow, inflexible systems of traditional big business.

What services does Sorted offer?

The Sorted vision is to revolutionise the way customers manage household services - but like all great things we need to start small and grow over time. At launch we started with broadband and VOIP services around Australia via the nbn™ and, in the last quarter of 2017, we will extend our service categories to increase the value we deliver to you! Stay tuned. If you have any thoughts on services you would like us to add, we’d love to hear from you.

Do I have to change all my services at once?

You can change your services when it is convenient for you, either one-by-one or all at once. The more services you have with Sorted, the more benefits you receive!

What do you mean by bundle?

'Bundle' means having more than one service (broadband, phone, electricity etc.) with Sorted Services. This makes it simple as you only need to deal with one provider for lots of different services. We also reward you by giving you more credits to spend for each service you have in your bundle.

What do you mean by optimise?

Sorted plans are designed to be simple based on how and when you use the services. We match you to the most suitable plan size and cost based on your expected consumption for each service. Sorted regularly assesses your estimated and actual usage to make sure you are always on the right plan for you. When we identify that a different plan would be better for you, we'll let you know.

What is in-home support?

Sorted is planning to launch in-home services. Stay tuned for more details!

How do I contact Sorted Services?

You can contact us via live-chat, email or scheduling a call-back through our App. At Sorted we have designed our service so that you can avoid long queues by providing you with all the support you need right from your smart phone or at, including self-help tools. If you would prefer to speak with us request a call-back and we will call you at a time that suits you!



Can I cancel my services?

If you want to cancel your service, please contact us first so that we can do everything possible to sort out any issues or concerns. Make sure you check the agreement sent to you when you joined for any associated conditions and fees that may result.

If you joined Sorted Services via a sales agent who visited your home or at a promotional stand, a 10-business day cooling-off period applies from the date you joined. This means you can cancel your services within this period with no penalty.

Tip! If your previous supplier contacts you - relax! There is no need for you to speak with them. We have your services sorted and will manage this process on your behalf and will keep you up to date on the Sorted App.

If you decide to cancel your service after the cooling-off period, check the service plan agreement sent to you when you joined for any associated conditions and fees. In most cases only the balance of any outstanding hardware costs will need to be recovered. Remember you can take your Sorted Services with you if you move because your account moves with you!

Does Sorted Charge Exit Fees?

If you are looking to cancel your service after the cooling-off period (if applicable), simply check your agreement sent to you when you joined for any associated conditions and fees. “Exit fees” or “early termination fees”, as they are typically known, apply if you cancel during any relevant “minimum term” we agreed with you when you joined.

Remember you can take your Sorted Services with you if you are moving (subject to availability), so there is no need to cancel your service, and exit fees won’t apply because your account moves with you!

Moving Home?

If you are moving home, Sorted makes it even simpler. Log into your account via the app and let us know when you are moving out and where and when you are moving in! We will confirm available services in your area and set you up on the plans that best suit you. All your payment and communication preferences will remain saving you all the hassle of entering them again. Sorted!

How do I download the App?

Visit Alternatively visit the Apple Appstore (if you have an iPhone) or the Google Play store (if you have an Android phone).

How long does it take to change over to Sorted?

You will be notified throughout the process and we will let you know if you need to do anything. Changing or transferring over typically takes around 3 to 4 weeks (provided you're up to date with payment). We’ll let you know when it has been completed. If your previous supplier contacts you there is no need for you to speak to them. We will have your services Sorted and will manage this process on your behalf.

What if I get billed by my previous supplier?

In an ideal scenario this should not be the case, however if you have received a bill from your previous service provider, you will need to raise a dispute with them and we will help you along the way. Once you switch over to Sorted, all your services get billed by us.

Do I need to cancel my services with my current provider?

Unless advised you don’t need to cancel your services with your previous supplier. However, in some cases you might need to advise your old service provider for cancelling or porting of your services.



How do I pay?

You can pay Sorted by MasterCard, Visa or direct debit from your nominated bank account. You can add a payment option or card at any time on the Sorted App.

When do I pay?

When you sign up to Sorted Services select if you want to pay monthly or fortnightly (2-weekly) instalments and tell us when you want the payments to come out. For monthly payments this will be on the same date every month. For fortnightly payments you choose the day and fortnight. We will not take any payments until the first month or fortnight after your service has transferred to Sorted Services. You can change your payment frequency on the Sorted App.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, you can change your payment date as a once-off (per payment cycle) up to seven days from the current due date. You can also change your ongoing payment date to one that is more convenient. Changes to payment dates must be made at least three business days prior to any scheduled payments. For one-off changes, ongoing payments into the future will resume as normal.

Are there fees for paying by credit card?

There is a one percent surcharge for all payments made by credit card. This is a cost charged by providers to Sorted. Our goal is to minimise fees for our customers so we do offer direct debit as a free option for payments set up via a registered bank account.

Is there a free option to pay my Sorted Service account?

Yes, you can set up your payments to come out of your nominated bank account by direct debit free of charge.

Do I get a bill?

In the Sorted App you can view a summary of all charges and payments, and also download a copy of your bill.

Are my credit card and or bank account details safe?

Yes, we use industry best practices to ensure that your credit card or bank account details are kept as safe as possible.


Sorted Wallet

What is the Sorted Wallet?

The Sorted Wallet is how and where we look after you and your back pocket for being a Sorted customer and for spreading the word to your friends. You build up credits (real dollars!) in your Sorted Wallet.

How does it work?

The more services you bundle with Sorted the more you will be rewarded. You can also earn more dollars in your Sorted Wallet by referring friends.

How do I get money into my Wallet?

Bundle two or more eligible services with Sorted Services and you will receive an ongoing bonus for as long as your services are active. You can add services for as many properties as you would like. You also can earn money when you Refer-a-Mate - you will receive a monthly bonus to your Wallet once your friends service is active. Refer as many friends as you wish, to increase your monthly bonuses!

When does money get added to my Wallet?

Bundle bonuses are applied for your eligible active services monthly. Refer-a-Mate bonuses are applied for up to two years from when your friends service becomes and active. If your friend ceases being an active customer your rewards will also cease. You also have money added to your Wallet when your usage is less than what was forecast and there is money left over from the payments you have been making.

How do I use the money in my Wallet?

You can choose to use the money in your Wallet to pay any outstanding balances, upcoming payments, buy a data pack or you can save it for a rainy day.

How do I refer a friend or family member?

You can use Sorted App to refer anybody with your unique code, and they'll also qualify for a welcome bonus. Visit the Refer-a-Mate menu option in the App (top right) and enter their email addresses. If they switch via your unique link, you'll receive an ongoing monthly bonus to your Wallet once their services are active. And you'll continue to get the bonus for up to two years as long as they keep their services active with Sorted.



If you have a basic, or manually-read smart meter then your meter will be read at minimum around every 90 days. If you have a smart (interval) meter then meter readings will normally be taken on a daily basis. However, the meter reading data will normally only be used to generate an account from Sorted on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The estimated next scheduled read date is listed on your electricity account.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter automatically tracks your electricity consumption and sends your meter readings to the meter data provider or agent on a regular basis (typically daily for the day prior). This means that no one needs to come out to your property to read your meter and your consumption data is available more regularly so that you can monitor your energy usage. You may choose to adjust your usage behaviours to improve energy efficiency and reduce your spend.

If I don’t have a smart meter how do I get one?

Meter installation and upgrade requests are managed by your electricity distributor but Sorted Services can manage this request on your behalf. The meter costs vary depending on the type and the charges are will be added to your next invoice. In some cases, an Electrical Work Request will need to be submitted by an electrician to your distributor for the installation to be arranged.

Does Sorted Services install electricity meters?

Sorted Services does not install electricity meters but we can liaise on your behalf with your electricity distributor to have a meter installed.

Where is Sorted Services Electricity available?

Sorted Services Electricity is currently available for residential customers in New South Wales and South-East Queensland and we will soon be in Victoria.

If I switch to Sorted Services does my power stay on?

Yes! Switching to Sorted Services is about transferring your account between retailers based on the meter reading at a certain point in time. Your electricity distributor will not change as part of this process and the power will remain connected as part of the switching process.

How long will it take for me to switch to electricity with Sorted?

Switching to electricity with Sorted Services usually takes between three and four weeks. We will keep you updated on the Sorted app.

I’m moving home - can I connect electricity with Sorted Services?

Yes, but it is very important that you advise us during the signup process that you are moving home and provide enough notice (at least two business days) because often the power has already been disconnected by the previous occupier. Please ensure you provide the date that you need the power connected and accurate details for the new address that you are moving to.

I have a smart meter - can I switch to Sorted Services?

Yes, you can and you will be able to track your usage, spend and balance via the Sorted App.

What if someone at my house is on Life Support?

Your electricity distributor will have made the necessary arrangements if you have already completed and lodged life support notification forms. When you switch to Sorted your electricity distributor remains unchanged, so your existing Life Support arrangements will remain in place. However, if you are uncertain about the status of a Life Support requirement, please contact us.

Does Sorted Services supply Gas as well?

Sorted does not currently offer gas, but we will soon.


Does Sorted Services Electricity offer solar power?

Yes! We have a very competitive feed in tariff that is higher than the government recommended amount. You can also keep track of what you are feeding back into the grid (and how much you are saving!) with the Sorted App.

Does Sorted Services offer concessions?

If you have a current Pensioner Concession Card, Gold Card or a Health Care Card you may be entitled to a government concession for your electricity charges. You need to provide Sorted with your concession details and consent for Sorted Services to validate them with the Department of Human Services or Veterans Affairs and ensure any discounts are applied to your account.

Does Sorted Services Electricity offer green or renewable power?

Sorted Services Electricity offers GreenPower™ which is a Government backed scheme that lets you support renewable generation in Australia by paying a premium on your energy consumption. We offer GreenPower™ on all plans and it is available as a percentage of your usage.

When you choose GreenPower™ we purchase Large Scale Generation Certificates from renewable energy generators. The certificates are in addition to the Government's mandatory Renewable Energy Target, so by purchasing GreenPower™ you're adding more renewable energy to the grid than would otherwise be the case. Find out more about GreenPower™

How and when do I get my solar rebate?

The solar rebate is applied to your account when the billing period is complete and we have received confirmation from the distributor about how much you have fed in to the grid. If you have a smart meter this will be monthly, if you have a basic meter then this will normally be quarterly.

Can I get a refund for my solar credits?

Solar credits are applied to your electricity account and offset your usage from the grid. If you generate more than you use in a particular billing period then that credit will be transferred to your Sorted Wallet. You can use this credit on other services or elect to cash it out.

If I switch to Sorted, do I keep my existing QLD solar bonus scheme eligibility?

Yes, If you are staying at the same location, not making any prohibited modifications to the solar system and your Sorted account is set up in the same name as your previous account. Find out more about solar bonus scheme eligibility.

Does Sorted Services have fixed-term contracts?

Sorted Services electricity customers are on a non-fixed term contract. This means Sorted customers sign a contract but it is not for a fixed period of time and there are no exit fees.

What’s included in my electricity plan?

Your payment is calculated based on your estimated daily supply charges and electricity usage over the period. The plan amount may vary based on where you live, your meter type and household usage factors that contribute to how much any you may consume - the size of your house, number of people, if you have a pool, if you have Solar PV – these can all impact how much energy you consume.

What if I use more electricity than my plan allowance?

From time-to-time, you’ll use more electricity than the regular plan payments, whether it be running your aircon in summer a bit more or heating your home in a cold snap. We’ll notify when you have reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your allowance. Any additional usage charges will be detailed on your regular statement.

What if I use less electricity than my plan allowance?

Sometimes you’ll use less electricity than the regular plan payments. Any over-payments will be automatically refunded into your Sorted Wallet to use towards other Sorted services in future. To check your Sorted Wallet balance visit the Sorted App.

Why is my statement so high?

When your energy usage is higher than usual, the hints in this checklist may help explain why.

Change in the weather? Heating and cooling your house or running pool filters longer can push up your usage.

Changes in household appliances?
Some new appliances can increase your energy use by a surprising amount., old inefficient appliances may be due for replacement.

New house guests? The more people under your roof, the more energy you will use.

Correct meter reading? If we can’t access your meter your energy usage may be estimated - log into the app to enter a meter read and we can track your usage to target.

Are my prices fixed?

Prices may vary in accordance with the terms and conditions your agreed to when you joined Sorted Services. If we do vary your prices, we will provide you written notice of any changes as soon as practicable, and, in any event, no later than your next due payment. Sorted is all about optimisation and we are very focused on reducing your usage - which in turn should reduce your cost!

What is a NMI?

A NMI is the 'National Meter Identifier' which identifies your property within the National Electricity market. It is different to your meter number, as your meter number can change if your meter is replaced, but the NMI for your property will remain the same.

What is a tariff?

A tariff is the pricing structure that is determined in part by your location and type of meter that you have at your property.

Does Sorted Services provide Standing offer prices and terms?

Standing offer terms apply if you're receiving power from Sorted Services but haven't contacted us. This can happen if you've moved into a property where Sorted Services Electricity is already supplying the electricity. View the Sorted Services Standing Offer terms.

What do peak and off-peak mean?

Peak and off-peak relate to times of the day and are determined by the kind of meter (or meters) that you have at your property. Different tariffs apply to peak and off-peak times. If you have an off-peak meter then it is often cheaper to run some appliances overnight rather than during the day.

What is a Distributor or Network Provider?

The Network Provider or Distributor is responsible for providing and maintaining the infrastructure (poles, wires, meters etc.) to your property and ensuring there is a continual supply of electricity.

How do I know who my Distributor is?

Your Distributor is determined by your location (address) and the name of your distributor can be found within the Sorted App and on your electricity account.



Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time without any additional cost for the change.

Can I change my speed?

Yes, you can change your speed at any time but you will need to enter into a new 12-month agreement. Early termination fees are waived in this instance.

What if I go over my download limit?

If you are approaching or have reached your monthly data allowance you can purchase an additional data pack to top up your data allowance for the remainder of the month. If you don’t purchase an additional data pack then your access speed will be limited 256Kbps upload and download speed for the remainder of that month.

How do I know if my address is nbn™ serviceable?

Complete a nbn™ serviceability check

Is there a connection or installation fee?

There may be an installation fee for nbn™ to be connected at your property. This is if your property is identified by the nbn™ as non-standard or subject to a new development fee. You will be advised of these fees prior to the installation when an appointment is being scheduled.

Do I need to be home for the nbn™ to be installed?

Up to two appointments may be required for the nbn™ to be installed at your property. Someone over the age of 18 needs to be home for the installation to be completed.

How long will it take for my broadband to be connected?

Connections take between 3 to 8 weeks. The time to connect varies depending on the type of connection, the time for nbn™ to install equipment at your premises and the time required to activate your new modem and connect your devices.

What is an FTTP nbn™ Connection?

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is used when an optic fibre line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises. FTTP also requires an nbn™ network device to be installed inside your home. This device requires power to operate and can only be installed by an approved nbn™ Installer or service provider. FTTP is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.

What is an FTTN nbn™ Connection?

Fibre to the Node (FTTN) uses VDSL2 to deliver the nbn™ to your home. FTTN is used when the existing copper network makes the final part of the nbn™ network connection from a nearby node to your premises. FTTN installations use a VDSL2 modem is your property and the nbn™ don't need to install a network device inside or outside your home. FTTN is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.

What is an FTTB nbn™ Connection?

Fibre to the building (FTTB) is generally used to connect an apartment block or similar type of building to the nbn™ network. A fibre node is installed in the building communications room and uses optic fibre to connect to the existing network technology in the building. FTTB is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.

What is an HFC nbn™ Connection?

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) is used in circumstances where the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to reach your premises. HFC connections require an nbn™ network device to be installed by an approved nbn™ installer or service provider at the point where the HFC line enters your home. HFC is an nbn™ Fixed Line connection.

What’s the relationship between nbn™ and Sorted Services?

nbn co is a Government Business Enterprise and a wholesale network provider, this means they do not sell directly to retail customers. Sorted Services is an approved Retail Service Provider of nbn™ which allows us to provide retail services to our customers.

Can I use my existing modem?

You need to use the modem provided by us depending on the services you have signed up for. Your modem comes preconfigured and your old/existing modem might not support the same configuration.

How do I setup my Sorted Services modem?

Your modem will be sent to you pre-configured with a quick setup guide. Depending on the modem/service type, these guides are also available.

When do I setup my Sorted Services modem?

You can setup the modem as soon as you receive it. We will notify you when your services are ready to connect.

Do I need a splitter?

Depending on the service type, you may require a splitter. Your service type will clearly indicate the requirement for a splitter.

Does Sorted provide static IP addresses?

Sorted Services does not currently provide static IP addresses.

My internet is not working. What should I do?

Please refer to the troubleshooting guides.

Does Sorted Services have a Reasonable Use Policy?

Yes - view the Sorted Services Reasonable Use Policy.

What factors that can impact performance and speed?

Things that can slow your speeds down include demand on the network and local conditions such as location, internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination.

Below are some specific factors that can affect speeds and your broadband experience.


Your router needs to be configured to use the wireless network standard 802.11n or later and a WPA2/AES encryption to achieve the best results from the high speeds available to you. Wi-Fi within the premises and router performance can often be the slow point in a nbn™ connection.

Location of modem/router

Your speeds can be affected if the modem/wife router is too far away from your normal location of device use, or is behind several walls, rooms or in a cupboard. Physical features of your home, such as steel framing and size and multiple levels may affect the strength of your wireless router’s signal.

Number of users

The number of local users and devices being used at one time will create demand for available bandwidth which in turn can significantly affect the overall speed experience.

Other devices

Microwaves, cordless phones and other devices work on wireless bandwidths which can interfere with speeds and your user experience.


There are many applications and programs that access the Internet. These may be running in the background on your device performing various activities such as downloading updates and files and uploading information. These activities may cause you to lose some of your total speed.

Network links

External network factors such as physical location of host computer, global Internet link between Sorted and the destination and the backhaul network between your premises and Sorted. Congestion on domestic and international links can be present during peak times.

Viruses & Malware

Viruses, malware and browser add-ons may consume significant system resources and adversely impact Internet speed.

Peak Network Times

The evening hours are like peak hour for Internet traffic. Increased traffic on the network may result in reduced speeds during this time.

Your Neighbours

An unsecured network, with no password, can be used by anyone in the vicinity and significantly reduce your speed. Secure your network to ensure only authorised users are accessing your network.


Internet Security

What should I do to minimise the chance of unauthorised use of my broadband service?

To maintain security on your computer, Sorted recommends that you:

  • Protect your password; keep it secure
  • Avoid common words, names and dates
  • Change it regularly and do not store it on your computer
  • Use current anti-virus and firewall software
  • Do not open suspicious emails or files from unknown sources
  • Protect your family or business from unsuitable internet content and password protect your wireless modem connection.

Why is it important to install anti-virus software?

Unfortunately, computer viruses are part of the internet. Viruses, Trojans and worms can damage your computer settings and cost time, money and effort to rectify. It is recommended that you purchase and install a reputable anti-virus software package to protect you and your PC.

What precautions should I take with incoming emails?

The most common way criminals access people’s computers are by sending them emails. Always be very careful when opening e-mails from people you don't know. They may contain harmful viruses that can damage your computer settings. You should use "Shift Delete" rather than just the "Delete" key to get rid of suspect e-mails. Email is the primary access entry point of viruses to your PC. Be wary of where you leave your email address when signing up to unofficial websites.

Which sites are likely to cause high usage?

Some websites need a lot of traffic to flow between your device and their site to function. Gaming and streaming video sites are typically high usage sites.

Who is responsible for the security of my devices and my broadband account with Sorted Services?

Security of your devices and your Sorted account is your responsibility and you can greatly reduce your risk by taking a few basic precautions. Remember, when you are connected to the internet, the internet is connected to you. Keep your password and personal details secure. Never give your details to anyone.



How is Voice different to a Fixed or Landline phone service?

The Sorted Voice service is delivered using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and essentially uses packets of data delivered over the internet to manage phone calls. Traditional fixed lines or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) calls are delivered over copper lines and utilise circuit switching technology.

Will I get a new phone number?

Yes, unless you would like to port your existing phone number you will be allocated a new one.

Can I keep my current phone number?

You can arrange in many cases to port your existing phone number but the service is not available with all carriers.

How long will it take to port my existing number?

Porting your phone number can take one to two weeks and will involve an outage of between 15 minutes and 1 business day after your service is connected.

How long will it take for my phone to be connected?

Sorted Voice services are dependent on your internet connection which has a lead time of between 3-8 weeks depending on the type of nbn™ connection at your property.

Can I use the Sorted Services Voice service if I have medical alert monitoring?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t support medical alert monitoring. However, if you do have a requirement you can email us and we will notify you if this can be made available for you.

Can I use the Sorted Services Voice service if I have a back to base alarm?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t support back to base alarm. However, if you do have a requirement you can email us and we will notify you if this can be made available for you.

Can I have voicemail or call waiting with a Sorted Services Voice service?

If you have a requirement to setup a voicemail or call waiting, we can organise this depending on the service type you have signed up for. In some cases, this request might not be supported.

I’m having issues with my Sorted Voice service

Please refer to the troubleshooting guides found [here][0].