It’s simple.
We made Sorted to make a difference.

Sorted Services is a new, 100% Australian, privately owned company, founded by passionate people with extensive backgrounds in household essential services.

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"Just get it sorted for me..." something we hear a lot – so we decided to do something about it. Sorted is our way to help people, and disrupt the slow, impersonal, inflexible way service providers treat their customers.


Revolutionising the way people control their services.


We get it. Dealing with multiple big corporates who are all asking us to do effectively the same thing is a waste of time and money. You end up paying for duplicated bills, executive salaries, call centres, marketing teams, advertising, IT systems, multiple logins, endless hold times, poor service – the list goes on.

Sorted was created to cut through and give you greater control over your household expenses. No clutter, just clarity.

We’ve designed the Sorted platform from the ground up to bring everything together in one spot. And we’ve made it simple, so you can spend less time worrying about bills and more time getting on with the things you love.

Our Promise

Our promise is to make Sorted as simple as possible, so you can optimise your spend and enjoy honest advice. And we’re constantly working to add to our list of services so you can let Sorted take care of even more.

Our Partnerships & Credentials

Sorted has assembled the required regulatory arrangements and like-minded commercial partners to ensure customer protection, quality of supply and competitively priced services can be delivered.


Energy Licenses & Wholesale

Sorted Services Electricity have a registered participant ID (Sorted) with the Australian Energy Market operator and source our energy and operate under an authorised energy retailer licence.

Telco Licenses & Wholesale

Sorted Services is a member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman scheme and is a registered participant of the NBN Co limited (nbn™ or the Company) who build and operate Australia’s new fast, wholesale local access broadband network.

Sorted Services has also partnered with an accredited wholesale provider to provide access to Australia’s largest telecommunications suppliers including Telstra and nbn™. They have the resources to ensure maximum network functionality, speed and stability for our customers.